Been There, Done Them

Sunday, February 05, 2006

a new generation awakens

hey..i havent been writing in a while now..i guess nothing much inspiring happens in our lives least not in mine...
But i dont think i can say that now...I am just returning from seeing the movie " Rang De Basanti" for the second i guess i shall have to see it many more times..again and again..

RDB is an extremely well made movie.. well scripted, a taut screenplay, fairly gripping at times, soothing blended music, and of course several rivetting and restrained performances..
But that is not what i draws me to it ( and it does have some technical flaws too), it is the idea that the movie generates, it is the thought that it ignites..
and even though it might be felt that the movie goes about spreading it's message in a very jingoistic way..I would beg to our protagonists say " Behron ko sunane ke liye dhamake ki zaroorat hoti hai"..
and that is exactly what our lives need..a little nudging from where it is..and that is what this movie seeks to paralleling beautifully our current existences with those of the great ones from indian history..
indeed..the situation might be the same..and the individuals involved are also the same...just the time settings have changed..
and through the diary of a long dead British jailor come alive the Krantikaris of yesteryears, to take modern shape and form, for a second coming..
truth and fiction keep blurring for these young men....who start living their parts...and the movie they are shooting for turns into reality..just as the movie you are viewing becomes the truth..
And our youth get a reason to live...they have that fire in them..which they thought they never had...which was only possessed by their fighter pilot buddy..
as they sing" ab mashalon si bad rahi hai lau meri"

go find your let it become a flame ..before it is too late..

Thursday, December 29, 2005

thankew for those wonderful moments

My mom had an interesting guest today at home..someone who I have found always awe-inspiring..
She is a college mate of my mom who went on to join the civil services..and is like this major league hot shot had been shifted here from Delhi for a year.
Today..she got a call for shifting back to Delhi, and she came to say her byes to my folks..and with her came a cake that read this
" Thank you for those wonderful moments"

And in that one line..she said so much.. is the moments..that define our lives..that give us our existence..and these moments sometimes can encapasulate an entire lifetime..

and these moments become truely wonderful, and hold some importance for us, because of the people we meet..and our interactions with them...

Which is is so important that we thank those who have made our lives so beautiful in their own special way..for it is these moments which we share with them..that actually define us..

And when she did that..the thank you that is..I felt how lackin I was..and indeed many of us are..when it comes to this..

Jus a lil thought!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

sleepin in the hall

i dont remember when was the last time i went to watch a movie.. and dint doze of in the midst of it all..
this has really become a serious issue..especially if i have company..then it becomes very disheartening for the other person too..
maybe it is the lush seating, or the special sounds effects et al, or jus my general proclivity to doze of in odd places, but the inevitable does happen..
I am bringing this issue in the forfront in light of what happenned yesterday..i had gone to see the latest in the series of the Harry Potter lot, and well..quite a well made flick..if i may say so myself..
i was of course on a clean slate having never even read or watched a Harry Potter in my life..but still immensely enjoyable..
however..that dint stop me from merrily dozin off when apna hari puttar enters a i did a mental one too..
The last movie i had watched on the screen was A Beautiful Mind, an i was gone again, Khamosh Pani, in which also I took a nap, and before that, Yahaan..a really super duper dud..
in which of course i am not to be held responsible for sleepy even in the hard seats of local Amba theatre..

but luckily the pic i watched today..which was a real private screenin.. had me awake..and total absorbed too..mind bogglin stuff..
But that is gonna be the stuff for another blog..
till then..heres to dozin of at the drop of a payin for it in public places too!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The trials and tribulations of an LDR

how do people maintain long distance relationships??
how does one stay in touch when one can't?

what is the concept of lovers who dont make love anymore?
how do u tell someone that you love them..when you cant see their face when you say that?
and how do u believe it when they say it to you?

how does faithfulness work here?
do other individuals cease to exist?
should they?

should love be more when u are with the person and less in their absence?
is that for real then?

do u sometimes fall into a relationship cos u will yourself to? and not because it is actually happenin?
does an LDR happen because it is a make believe fantasy world that is so nice and romantic and which has been created since your real life at your real place sucks?

r u romanticizing?

is it for real?

do we fall in love sometimes out of gratitude?
should we hold onto someone if we think the person is crazy over us, even if distance is an unbeatable factor?

does distance distance hearts..or as they say..does absence make the heart grow fonder?

The trials and tribulations of an LDR..

Monday, November 07, 2005

Character Sketch III : Arun Raja

I met Arun on a train journey...he was late for it and came full throttle..holding on to his bag like dear life, a snazzy bandana in place. He had curly locks, and sported a flashy watch, but what really caught my attention were his jeans..they were ripped from the edges, distressed beyong recognition, and dyed an interesting hue of blue-green.
Arun broke into a conversation soon enuf, in broken English though, which I soon converted to the vernacular. He was not a student as i though, but ran a shop in a local market selling jeans. That explained something, and he was now on his way to the capital to pick up a new consignment from "Thailand"...
He's lovingly called Raja by his loyal customers, and mostly they comprise students from the Univ, an he hangs around there with them also the whole day, to know how they think. He has spent eight years and Lahore, and swears by the city and how amazing it was staying with his grandfather.
He has studied only till his B.A, and really wants to study..he envies says that now even if he wants to get back.he cant..and when he could.he dint want to..
Love marriage is on the cards..for someone who is going to turn 25 in a while, but doesnt look a day more than 21..
Raja regaled me with all kind of poetry and shaiyari on the way..kept me in high spirits..and seemed a real softy at heart..
he recited a couplet his grand dad had told him when he was young..

"I was supposed to meet my beloved after five days..
And then suddenly someone told me that life lasts only four days.."

Naughty smile on his lips, michief in his heart, and love in his soul..
Romancing the stone will never be the same again..

The train comes to a halt..and our Jeans man is off to business..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pubbin an Clubbin before the clock strikes midnight

Bangalore is a strange much to do little time..especially when all i had were three days..there were people too who had to be met.
But i did manage to have quite a window shoppin took on a whole new meanin for me.also it is quite refreshing to haggle with everyone from auto wallahs to bead sellers in English, i think i will take some time get my lingo raped for the next Jpath visit..
Pubbing was fun..but the fun would run before it had barely very very abruptly nasty lights would be in view, the DJ would have done the vanishing act.and your table in charge would pour you your drinks with hitherto unexhibited vigour..
An this was somethin common to all the places..from the decidedly shady the very swish set and exclusive Taika..
The final trump card of course was the four letter word..said in a meant to scream out loud.COPS!!!
Budget eating is also quite a triumph here..or so i heard..shall have to sample it next time I am here..
an the place has some very interesting looking malls and upper crust salons..
driving slowly on a bike during the night when there is no traffic is like is walking along the pathside during twilight..with the gentle pitter patter of rain giving you sweet nudging you that this moment has to run should not even be attempted to clasp too deeply.

sigh..i repeat..too much of unfinished business i had to leave it all which could very well not have crept up in the first place..but then..the heart does make foolish decisions..

Like my friend knew this was coming all along..
I guess i really dint..

Friday, October 14, 2005

Character Sketch II : Himanti Bai

Himanti is my domestic help..she does the dishes ..washes clothes ..mops the floors..and very occasionally..she also cooks sumptious Mutton rice..
Himanti is very pretty.. she has been married for long..but she still has that youthful spark, that spark most lose when they are treading on the fine path between youth and adulthood.
Himanti has a small world, she seems so devoted to her husband, she has the occasional problem of domestic abuse, but still has lofty dreams of owning a mobile.."Reliance ka bhi chalega"
Himanti has admitted on an occasion that she has seen the odd "Neeli Picture"- a blue film, and is very non-chalant about it..
She loves her make up, and you would never catch her without the latest lipper in vogue..Himanti also never has a bad hair day..
Himanti is suddenly spending a lot of time with a stranger.. her " brother" who has just entered the scene.. her face lights up when she is spending time with him..they are often spotted strolling lazily.
There is nothing lazy about Himanti..inspite all..she can work like a horse, and serves steaming gossip as a side dish..
Adultery is an integral part of the main course..

Himanti is loving every moment of her life..

the train journey- straddling two worlds

i had an interestin journey rail..straddled between an artist and a hag, an imagineer and a hen, a draughtsman and a dowdy old lady..
i was the salami in the sandwitch..making small talk and large conversations with both the sides, discussing Khajuraho and Konark with Alexander, and Dilli ka weather and family ties with Mrs. Gupta..
i was , strangely at home in both the worlds, flawless English with the Dutch traveller, who was in search of peace and architecture, nature and love, and loud Hindi with the quintessential middle class East Delhi housewife, whose world was her son and daughter-in-law, whom she had gone to visit.
lonely planet on one side, manorama on the other, cutlets and cookies on one palate, gobhi aloo on the other..
my artist friend wanted to stay in Majnu ka Tilla, he wanted to get up to the sounds of the Yamuna, and savour momos when grubby, my motherly auntie seemed worried that the train would be late, and she might make her hubby wait too long..
his girlfriend had left him for the Gangotri, she said she had found her world, her peace, and he needed to probably look more, and his journey was continuing..

as we entered New Delhi Railway Station, the train slowed to a halt, and a fleeting figure outside in white, made my auntie scream coarsely...Gupta Jeeee...
Alexander just stood in a corner, a silent smirk enveloping his sunken jaws..
weed is very cheap in Amsterdam..